P23 - From Fukushima to Covid-19

PONKOFF CD 074 (2022) – Ambient und Downbeat Electronics. Aufnahmen 2009-2020.


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All music on this album written and produced by P23 between 2009 and 2020.The Fukushima nuclear disaster 2011 had a major impact on the artist. The bigamount of radiation in the atmosphere boosted the artists brain and made wonderful electronic music pour out of his instruments. All tracks on this albumhave been originally published on Youtube soon after they were recorded. This compilation was assembled in january 2022, two years after the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, that again had a major impact on artists around the world.

Chill with P23 from one catastrophe to another! Get nude, turn off the lights, and feel electricity, radiation, and virusses stream through your body!

Cover Illustration: Jules Migonney, ca. 1912/14. Museum Quai Branly, Inv. No. 75.14607.3


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Ponkoff Cd 074 Cover

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