23rd Peter & Friends - Bloody Stoned Tunes

PONKOFF CD 002 (1999) – Compilation mit Aufnahmen 1989-1997.


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Compilation of mostly analog produced stuff from various sources, recorded between 1989 and 1997, all by or with participation of 23rd Peter.

Digitally remastered by 23rd Peter in April 1998. mp3s of this stuff recreated in 2000. All stuff was composed by WINF artists, except for track 14 composed by Speedys a Go Go (see below). All technical stuff by 23rd Peter and D.G.

The cover shows P23 at “Denaturation” art performance in Bad Rappenau, 29. August 1993. Photo by Eva Scharsich.

WINF mostly were:

23rd Peter & D.G. – all instruments, noises & treatments
with: Jens Klenk, Mathias Bozo, Chris Illig, Axel Möller, Mirella Trautonia.
sometimes samples from older WINF recordings are used with maybe other musicians appearing.


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Ponkoff Cd 002 Cover

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