Psi Dimension - Activate your brain

PONKOFF CD 064 (2017) – Techno. Aufnahmen von 2005.


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All tracks composed and produced by PSI dimension/Ch@os23 in 2005.

Track 2 („Activate your brain“) and 4 („And magick sets you free“) have been released on FOPI’s „Those Who Are Not“ mp3 and CDR compilation in january 2005. Track 5 („Spacetrain“) was available as hidden mp3 bonus track on CDR hard copies of the compilation. These three tracks have been slightly edited by 23rd Peter in 2017 and then re-released as a three track mp3 download EP under the title „The Lost FOPI files“ from 2017 to 2022.

In 2022 the full set of tracks, that the artist submitted in 2005, have resurfaced while we were working on the facelift of our website. We decided to give this release a major update, change its title to „Activate your brain“ and contain now seven tracks in their original mixes with a total length of about 55 minutes, making it a well produced and quite enjoyable techno album.

The original files by Ch@os23 submitted in 2005 contained two more lengthy tracks: „Weirdlights“ which begins with 2 minutes of a song arrangement and then turns to a broken loop repeated for another 5 minutes. The other track „Seahorse“ finally is nothing more than the broken loop of the previous track repeated for another approx. 7 minutes. We decided to leave both of these tracks out because they more seem to result from something being messed up than being meant to fit in the well done arrangements of the other seven tracks, that now are contained on the album.


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