Neo Realism - Songs for a Cave

PONKOFF CD 013 (2000) – Neofolk aus Holland. Aufnahmen von 2000.


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These tracks were recorded as rehearsal material for a forthcoming live performance by the Family of Psychic Individuals (FOPI) under the artistic supervisory of Edwin Siol (aka. Bro.Beam) of Neo Realism/Insinity Network.

Words and Music by Neo Realism/Brother Beam 2000. Recorded and mastered at Neo Realism studio, Steenbergen/Netherlands february and march 2000 by Bro. Beam.

(Total time: 50:32 min)

The event flyer shows the actual line-up of the group for this performance: Edwin Siol (middle) supported by Peter „P23“ Schmelzle (left) and Robert „Frater Gershom“ Landon (right).


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