Neo Realism - Live in Zuzenhausen

PONKOFF CD 016 (2001) – Industrial Neofolk. Live-Aufnahmen 2000.


Recorded 1.10.2000 in private public at Zuzenhausen. A legendary moment in time. While the introduction is rather athmospheric the subsequent tracks are a superb melting pot of industrial, neofolk and trip rock.

Neo Realsim were for this event: IgNor Beam on vocals, keyboards, and sequencing with guest appearance by 23rd Peter on live percussion.

Everything composed and done by IgNor Beam. Cover by 23rd Peter. A FOPI/Insinity Network Release


Full album audio

01 Zuzenhausen Introduction – 10:18 min

02 Not to be – 7:13 min

03 All is well – 6:19 min

04 Like a whore – 10:00 min


Cover file


Foto from recording

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