Band Of Confusion - Live Demo 1986

Ponkoff CD 070 (2022) – Psychedelic Bluesrock. Live 1986.


Band of Confusion from Kirchardt, Germany, were probably the finest kraichgau underground psychedelic bluesrock band from the 80s.

The group was pretty much influenced by The Jimi Hendrix Experience and their line-up as a trio around singer and guitar wizzard Szandor Vincent Scharsich was quite similar. Though they never claimed to be a Hendrix tribute band, they often improvised on Hendrix tunes.

In 1986 they released a demo tape with three live recordings. The tape had a xeroxed cover with a collage from photos of the band members, that was also used for the cover of this reissue. The recordings have been restored by 23rd Peter in 2016 and slightly improved for this release in 2022.

Full audio

1. Improvisation on „The thrill has gone“ and the  Woodstock instrumental by Jimi Hendrix 5:21 min

2. Out of space 6:31 min

3. Untitled improvisation 8:37 min


Cover file


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