WINF - Das Chaos - Wiege der Menschheit

PONKOFF CD 066 (2017) – 2CD. Experimentelle Musik. Aufnahmen 1990/91.


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For this release WINF were:

23rd Peter – voices, noises, steel, synth, field recording, tapes
Szandor Vincent – guitar, noises, synth, tapes (A2, A6, B1, B4, B6)
DG – synth (A3, A5, B3)
Skoff – guitar, field recording (B1)
Percussa – bass guitar (B3)
Dampf – field recording, voices (A2, B8)

Recorded from january 1990 to january 1991 at various locations. Track a1 was created using audio software written by 23rd Peter, tracks a2, a4 and b1 are based on field recordings from the stuttgart airport, wilhelma zoo and the autobahn near sinsheim, recorded by 23rd Peter, Dampf and Skoff during 1990.

Compiled and mixed by Szandor Vincent and 23rd Peter. originally released on Ponkoff MC 003 in january 1991. Remastered from original master copy by 23rd Peter in march 2017.

The back cover shows 23rd Peter recording birds’ noises at Wilhelma zoo, Stuttgart. Photo by Dampf.


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