Godzilla goes to seven Moons - Live in Sinsheim 1993

PONKOFF CD 011 (2000) – Psychedelic Rock. Konzertmitschnitt von 1993.


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Live at “Katakombe” Sinsheim, germany, 29.1.1993. Recorded by Chris Welker. Digitally remastered by 23rd Peter in February 2000. Partially poor sound quality, but some great document of psychedelic live music in time. total length: 35:19 min. All tracks courtesy of Chris Welker.

This live album adds the great “colors in the rain” and “come back” to the list of godzilla classics already released on the studio EP.

All music by Godzilla goes to seven Moons, except “Cold Metal” by Iggy Pop.

Godzilla goes to seven moons were:

hardy – lead guitar
barny – vocals & rhythm guitar
chris – bass
mick – drums

The cover for this release uses the artwork from the band’s concert posters.


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Ponkoff Cd 011 Cover

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