Family ov Psychick Individuals - Live in Brunssum

PONKOFF CD 021 (2001) – Industrial Session in Holland 2001.


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Session recording during FOPI carnival meeting at Brunssum, netherlands, 2001. Recorded, mixed and mastered february 24th, 2001 live in private public by Bro.Beam. Cut by 23rd Peter in april 2001 at Bad Wimpfen, germany.

All sound recordings by Bro.Beam, 23rd Peter, and Mathias Bozó. Technical equipment & Session the other day: Bro. Landon, Bro. Mike

Family ov Psychick Individuals were for this event:
Bro.Beam, 23rd Peter, Mathias Bozó, Bro.Landon, Bro.Mike, Bro.WoLF666, Sis.Wanita

this sound is dedicated to the FOPI cybertribe!


Some pics from the session and beyond



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Ponkoff Cd 021 Cover


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