23rd Peter vs. Andrew Rogers - Delobotomizer

PONKOFF CD 037 (2003) – Electronic industrial music.


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Track 1 edited & mixed by 23rd Peter in December 2002, based on Track 2, adding additional beats, samples and loops of Track 3.

Additional samples for track 1 contain INR soundbank stuff (courtesy of Insinity Network Recordings) with special attention to a certain karateka voice sample which was sampled by bro.beam from a vintage dutch sample LP. this most likely seems to be the source for a well known sample Psychic TV used quite often (e.g. constantly on “mouth of the night”) as well.

Track 2 played and recorded by Andrew Rogers. This is the basic version of the track. Also the original name “Delobotomizer” comes from this track.

Track 3 recorded by 23rd Peter. This is a shortened version of the additional beats and loops used to mix over track 2 to get Track 1.

A Family of Psychic Individuals family release.


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