23rd Peter - Nylon Bitch EP

PONKOFF CD 020 (2001) – Acid Techno für Fetischfilme. Aufnahmen von 2001.


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Recorded, mixed and mastered 02.2001 by 23rd Peter as soundtrack music for fetish video releases by www.querart.de.

The cover shows Querart’s model Talina, photo by Sven Bork. The back cover shows a scene from a Querart fetish movie production, photo by 23rd Peter.

Around year 2000 23rd Peter was involved in porn productions by Querart company of Heidelberg, sometimes operating camera or lightning on sets. Bored of royalty free “porn music”, he recorded a series of acid techno tracks to be used as soundtrack music for fetish movies.

P23 operating a camera on the set of a porn movie in 1999.


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Ponkoff Cd 020 Cover

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